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Our story began in 2014 when we started to entertain children. At first, our founder Arlena Zarzycka ran all animations on her own. However, the company was working too well, and gradually more people started to join the team. By the time our second year came around, we had twenty animators on staff, and Animatria slowly began to provide comprehensive services for all its events. It was then that the first cooperating educational institutions and restaurants appeared. Year by year, our development pace increased, and soon it was time to rent a warehouse, an office, and even hire more employees. Company events, picnics, and other festivities started to appear on our calendar. Animatria was beginning to position itself within the industry, and we had our first newspaper articles and interviews about the so-far unknown field within the entertainment industry: animation. We also bought our first inflatables, sound systems, stage platforms, and outdoor attractions for both children and adults.


By our 5th anniversary, we already had a team of almost 100 people. We had our breakthrough in the same year by entering the hotel animation and amusement park market. However, a few months later, a pandemic broke out globally, and suddenly, all of our plans were put on hold. But we are not used to stagnation, and while all in-person events had stopped for a while, Animatria continued being active through online events. It is now 2021, and we have entered the year full of hope, new ideas, and many plans to entertain!

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