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We bring creativity to the homes of your clients and employees, as well as their children. Animatria’s boxes are a great solution for engaging and developing the recipient’s creativity. Our packages will work as Christmas and Children’s Day gifts, and as prizes for competitions within your team and company. All of our company boxes are fully personalized and tailored to the target group. We are also able to fulfill special orders where we create sets with the client’s logo and in foreign languages.

At Animatria, we also organize online and in-office workshops. This allows us to guide our box recipients through the creation process for each set while taking care of the team’s integration and the well-being of each participant.


Our box design allows for full personalization: both the composition of the boxes and product, we also create different language versions.


The sets we design serve as tools for team bonding as well as individual development of employees and their families.


All products are developed by a group of animators and specialists in the field of internal employer branding.


Each of our products is created and hand-packed in Poland.


The original box design is innovative in the Polish market and will allow your company to be distinguished among good employers on the market.]

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