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A perfect box for all space fans, but also for children who just want to get to know it! Every day in the sky, thousands of constellations shine towards us, planets orbit far away. Our box is a treat for anyone fascinated by the world and all of the materials it contains. Your child will make her/his own galaxy in a jar and create little aliens to go along. Thanks to the contents in this box, your child will develop a deep curiosity about the world, increase their knowledge about the cosmos and chemistry, as well as developing manual skills.

The box includes:

  • calcium lactate
  • sodium alginate
  • 2 test tubes
  • 1 reusable bottle
  • 3 dyes
  • jar
  • liquid glycerin
  • fluorescent powder
  • galactic jar additions
  • glitter
  • single-use gloves

We recommend the box for children from 6 years of age and older.